The Truth Never Set Me Free

My name's Danielle and I'm a twentysomething who's just trying to figure things out. I studied English and minored in Cinema Studies. I'm a HUGE fan of Pop Culture and love music, literature, movies, TV, etc.

I'm a viral writer for Hypable.com and a host on the Orphan Black Chat podcast, which is pretty awesome if I do say so myself.

I've also been inspired lately to be more crafty and creative. It's a work in progress.
Just like me.


With Mark Ruffalo, I have someone who I would be happy to do every scene with for the rest of my life. —Robert Downey, Jr.

We have a really good friendship. We’ve known each other since before Zodiac. And he’s kind of like an older brother that I wish I had. He sort of looks out for me, and I remember when the role came up in the movie, I reached out to him, I was nervous about it, I said “I don’t know if I can do this” and he said “It’s alright buddy, I gotcha.” —Mark Ruffalo

(Source: markoruffalo, via iamnevertheone)

On Happiness and Single-dom

I’ve never been more aware of the fact that I’m single than these last few months. The amount of weddings or people attending weddings that I’m exposed to on a daily basis has been overwhelming, to say the least.

While I’m happy (and hopeful) that every single one of those people who has gotten married is happy, I can’t help but wonder how soon (if ever) my happiness will come. Or, at least, the potential for that kind of happiness. Because I haven’t known that potential for years.


Being sick is like an ultimate weapon whose power can obliterate social obligations.

Seriously. Is there anyone I know who loves and appreciates Halloween as much as I do?

I really wish there was. Then Halloween (and Halloween weekend) wouldn’t be so lonely.

Places Where I Feel Most “At Home”

— Conventions (entertainment, comic book, etc.)
— Paramore and twenty one pilot shows
— My high school band room/football field (pretty much anywhere WHS marching band related)

My list keeps growing with the more things that I do. And I love it.